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About Us

  Weihai Sunshine Yachts co.,Ltd

  We are located in the beautiful coastal city or Weihai, Shandong. Weihai was a base for the Qing Dynasty navy. Weihai in English means the Powerful Sea Guard.

  Weihai Sunshine Yacht Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013. We picked the name “SUNSHINE” because sunshine brings warmth and happiness to people. Like sunlight in every corner of the world, our vision is to create high quality products that bring happiness to people all over the world.

  The company specializing in the production of inflatable boats, inflatable stand up Paddle “iSUP” boards, inflatable tents, inflatable water entertainment products and other inflatable products’. Our company has been set up to support and assist our clients. We have a research & development department that is constantly researching the industry in order to get the most up to date state of the art production methods. We also have an in house professional design team that can help you design your SUP board. Our professional sales team will help you order the correct procucts for your needs. and finally our production team adheres to our vision is to create high quality products that bring happiness to people all over the world.

  Our mission as a company is as follows “We will be a customer first operation, with quality as a core tenet. We deeply feel that eternal reputation is of utmost importance and therefore strive to always give first-class service. As for our production standards, we follow strict technical requirements as a consistent high quality product quality is the lifeblood of our company's survival and development.

  Our customer service and high-quality manufacturing has catapulted WEIHAI SUNSHINE YACHTS to a leading status in the production of iSUP in China. We also developed a new drop stitch material inflatable boats “SV series”on 2016,which save half power than the traditional boats.

  We warmly welcome you to open up the lines of communication. We look forward to becoming your ideal production partner!

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