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Air Track Mat


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Air track mat

Product name:Air track mat

Constructed from lightweight drop stitch PVC fabric, with double layer seams, this iSUP can be pumped to a high pressure for a hard-board like feel on the water.

Product Features:

  • ● A full length, non-chaffing deck pad makes this great for Yoga, or for the kids to use as a play platform without getting rubbed raw.?
  • ● A single fin gives you maximum tracking and speed, and makes set up faster so you can spend your time paddling, not getting ready.
  • ● It comes with a break down paddle, repair kit, double action pump and carry bag for convenience.?
Product parameters
Place of Origin: Shandong, China Brand Name: Sunshine
Model Number: yoga mat Type: yoga mat
Length: customized Material: drop stitch
Keywords: air track mat Size: customized
Thickness: 15cm Function: Yoga Erercise
OEM: Accpet Package: 1pcs/ctn
Weight: 8kg Sample time: 5-7days
Combo Set Offered: 3

Product Detail

yoga mat tumbling airtrack(圖1)

yoga mat tumbling airtrack(圖2)

yoga mat tumbling airtrack(圖3)

yoga mat tumbling airtrack(圖4)

yoga mat tumbling airtrack(圖5)

yoga mat tumbling airtrack(圖6)

yoga mat tumbling airtrack(圖7)

yoga mat tumbling airtrack(圖8)

yoga mat tumbling airtrack(圖9)

yoga mat tumbling airtrack(圖10)

aluminium paddle

aluminium paddle

backpack bag

backpack bag

SUP Fins

SUP Fins

Foot pumps

Foot pumps