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hydrofoil boards

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The hydrofoil surfboard can ride on the sea without waves. The propeller is not mounted directly on the deck, but is fixed on a support rod. After the propeller is started, the surfboard and the person standing on it can be directly raised through the principle of dynamics. All you need to do is lean back a little bit to keep balance. This easy surfing experience will definitely give you new ideas about the sea sport.


【material】MSL drop stitch material


【accessories】bag,hand pump and repair kits

A hydrofoil surfboard comprises a board body, a support assembly and a hydrofoil assembly; The support assembly is connected with the rear part of the plate body; The hydrofoil assembly comprises a front wing, a rear wing and a connecting rod; The rear wing comprises a horizontal rear wing and a vertical rear wing, the horizontal rear wing and the vertical rear wing are separately arranged, and are fixed on the rear end of the connecting rod; The support assembly and the connecting rod are connected near the front wing. The hydrofoil surfboard has the advantages of high riding stability and structural stability

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