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Michael Sheldon for Alaska State Senate, District R in 2020.

Alaska State Senate District R consists of several communities. I will be responsible for my constitutes of Ketchikan, Wrangell, Petersburg, Kake, POW, Angoon, Sitka, Hoonah, etc.


When the citizens of Alaska decide to early vote and eventually cast your vote on November 06, 2018 be sure to fill in the oval and Michael Sheldon for Alaska State Senate District R. I will be a powerful speaker for Alaskans who care for the people of this state and will not be a political fool as to forget it's people but one who will stand for the sovereignty or the Alaskan People in who I highly respect.

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Michael Sheldon for Alaska State Senate, District R in 2020. I am Permanent Fund Dividend Protector.

Hello, my name is Michael Sheldon who was born in Petersburg Alaska. I am running for District R. I've been a Republican for 44 years and look forward and unseating Burt Stedman from Sitka for State Senate, District R of Alaska. Burt is a fellow Republican, he represents District R, which encompasses many Southeast Island Communities including Hoonah, Sitka, Kake, Klawock, Craig, Angoon, Coffman Cove, Petersburg, Wrangell, Ketchikan, etc. 
As a Republican. I Michael Sheldon is a strong PFD protector of the people's Dividend in which we know that Stedman voted to cap your PFD through the Walker administration. My pledge to all Alaskans that you have my word your PFD will be protected as a Representative of Alaska.


Our Cellphone and landline are wonderful tools to talk to family and share the good news that Michael Sheldon is running for State Senate in District R. We finally have a great Candidate who knows that special Interest groups and lobbyist have not a final say on issues but only the Alaskan citizens of the Last Frontier.

My Policies to Alaskans.

1). Continue to build a strong subsistence fishery.

2). Protect the Sports Fisheries of Alaskans.

3). Make sure our commercial fishing fleet harvest products to help grow our economy by supplying fish to Alaska's citizens, and also domestic and world markets.

4). Protect the Permanent Fund Dividend from the Raiders of the people's Dividend. I will work hard in the House to return back what was taken by Governor Walker's Veto and the Legislators actions to cap the dividend by whatever means I have available to your State Representative. After all, I am a PFD Protector, for the People and by the People of the Last Frontier.

5). We need to restore logging in Southeast Alaska to help pay for our schools and roads with the use of stump-age receipts paid out each year to help facilitate expenditures and less dependent on State to appropriate funds.

6). Strengthen the Alaska Marine Highway System to run efficiently for the transportation of our citizen with lower rates to its customers and complete runs that link together without overnight details.

7). Help in negotiating to build access roads into Southeast Alaska to lower rates on shipping for food and fuel cost.

8). Also, I will promote and convince the Senate to Resend SB21 back to the original SB21. We need to bring back ACES, so we can create far taxation to oil companies and downsize State Government as to streamline an efficient sustainable budget with government controls put in place.

9). Absolute Protector of the Second Amendment: The Right To Bear Arms.


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Wednesday, October 10, 2018 9:58 AM

Campaign News for State Senate District R

I will post my Senate Run for Alaska State Senate District R as news Develops.

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