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About Michael

Mr. Sheldon's education was right there in his home town of Petersburg, after graduating from the local high school in the 70's he attended Peninsula College in Port Angeles, Washington, there he learned the highly skilled trades of Automotive Mechanics and Welding. Being educated and skilled in the welding trade, he was given the opportunity to put those skills to work in the oil fields of Alaska. He joined the 302 Alaska Operating Engineers, worked on several camps using his skills as a mechanic, and also put his welding skills to good use on the Alaska Pipeline.

After working years on the pipeline Michael made his way back to his hometown of Petersburg, purchased his first commercial fishing vessel starting his own business in one of the hardest and most dangerous careers a Man can take up in the unforgiving Alaskan waters, the Commercial Fishing Industry. Fishing the waters of Alaska for twenty two years as the owner and operator of his own vessel, Michael decided it was time to retire, giving up his sea legs spending days and nights on the waters of Southeast Alaska and well known Bristol Bay, planting his feet back on land in 1998. Retirement wouldn't last long before he was putting his skills back to work for the Alaska Marine Highway System, spending some time there he eventually settled down into his business of the last ten years as a Handyman serving his community, helping Alaskans.


🎂Born in Petersburg, Alaska on Jan. 20, 1956
📖Petersburg High School
📑Peninsula College in Port Angles Washington. Studied to be a Mechanic and Welder.

🐟Commercial fished for a few years as a deckhand.
🛠 Worked on the Alyeska Pipeline as an Oilier and Mechanic Welder.
🐟 Commercial Fished as Owner Operator, for 22 years in Southeastern Alaska.
🔨 Handyman and vehicle Detailing Services.

1) Sat on a Native Coalition Board that I was nominated to travel to Washington D.C. twice. I was directed to talk to the Natural Resources Committee, which the Chairman of the Board at the time was Sen. Frank Murkowski. I was directed by our Native Coalition to discuss important issues concerning the Tongass National Forest in Southeast Alaska.  
2) Also sat on a Tribal Board of the Petersburg Indian Association and helped it with financial issues and turned our Tribal Government back into the black once again. 
3) I also was involved in helping the Petersburg borough, to start a recycling center on used vehicle parts through the Petersburg garbage dump, called recycle to recycle.



Committee to Elect Michael Sheldon for Governor of Alaska in 2018. “paid for by” Michael D. Sheldon P.O. Box 1285 Petersburg, Alaska 99833 Ak Statue 15.13.090
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