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Alaskans, send us your economic idea's, etc. So we can post them here for others to see. WE THE PEOPLE OF ALASKA, can work collectively together to make Alaska great again, with the help of all those concerned citizens of Alaska.



Some of what I believe should happen, under our administration, if elected in 2018 as Governor of Alaska.

I think this so called Alaskan government crisis we are in, seems to be blown out of proportion to a certain extent. We can resolve these budget issues by a sustainable budget, that caps spending by our legislators each year as projected. Alaska legislators need to take heed and listen to WE THE PEOPLE OF ALASKA, as to note, we are smarter than you think. Understand that WE desire, No new taxes and No restructuring of our half of the PFD. We must set up controls on State spending by State audits conducted each year and renegotiating new contracts with large and small oil companies so our business negotiations are fair on both sides of the table. We need to examine the books of all major oil contracts, to make sure our contracts are profitable by check and balance, as to sign and agree for the best interest of Alaska.

As Governor Elect of Alaska in 2018, we will make sure all areas of negotiable operations under our governing body, will be done professionally and correct.  We believe, Alaskans will be proud of our work as to build economic growth for all to enjoy, for generations to come.

My thoughts on these life changing events that we keep getting the short end of the stick:  

One Alaskan speaks:

We Alaskans must join together to:
-Regain our power: govt works for us not the other way around. CARPOOL TO VOTE
-Audit all spending:  create  Board of real Alaskans from around the State with the tools for the job to audit everything, seriously every single thing. 
-Cut government seriously by at least 1/3
-Only elect Alaskans that have a track record of deciding with our people's best interest.  That can't be bought. 
Along with...
-Not allow any new taxes
-Restore our PFD as Mr. Hammond designed it.  

And get back to a happy life✨🗝✨

My two cents:)

Committee to Elect Michael Sheldon for Governor of Alaska in 2018. “paid for by” Michael D. Sheldon P.O. Box 1285 Petersburg, Alaska 99833 Ak Statue 15.13.090
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