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January 2022 

This election was lost, but hopefully, I will run again sometime in the future. 

Urgent News (01/02/23)

Loy Brunson EXPLAINS His Historic Supreme Court Case!

Election results make it clear that candidates are chosen by the establishment, not determined by the voters. We must start grassroots, bottom-up movements.

Start a private group of Patriots who want to be a part of such a movement by sending me a message from Southeast Alaska.

Mike Sheldon, a Conservative Republican for the past 48 years, ran for Alaska State Senate on the November 8th election of 2022.

 Just a reminder that Alaska has gone through a redistricting of its Districts, and District R in Southeast Alaska has now been changed to District A. Thanks, Candidate Michael (Mike) Sheldon for Alaska State Senate 2022.

"No more BS."

Mike Sheldon, Alaska State Senate.


Policy Ideas for the State of Alaska.

We must, as a Senate, continue to stop the Binding Caucus Rule from being activated, which could hinder the voice of the citizens of Alaska.

  • Stand with the United States Constitution to protect our Second Amendment rights, including the right to keep and bear arms.
  • Vote against any red-flag laws that hinder our freedoms as citizens of Alaska!
  • Pro-life: We need to support life and not destroy it by the murder of the innocent! Defund Planned Parenthood! , Save our future, boys, and girls.
  •   The calculation for a full PFD! We must revoke SB26, the POMV (Percentage of Market Value), and keep the Hammond formula, a 40-year-old formula with a five-year average. The 5% market value is an illegal act because the shareholders of Alaska did not vote to approve it. The House and Judiciary can change the percentage of the market value with a simple act. In contrast, a ballot vote of the citizens of Alaska must take place on any change outlined in the Statutory Formula.
  • We must continue maintaining and improving our Alaska Marine Highway System to run efficiently. No more wasted money building ships with bow loading entries and the like, but engineering vessels that meet Alaska travel standards in state waters.
  • As concerned citizens of Alaska, we believe that State House and Senate members should have term limits.
  • I support and will vote yes on a Constitutional Convention in the general election of 2022. We must, as We, the People, fight for freedom.
  • Continue to build a healthy subsistence fishery!
  • Protect the sporting fisheries of Alaskans!
  • By protecting our fishing borders, we can strengthen Alaska's commercial fishing fleet and help our economy grow! Restrict trawlers who decimate our bottom fish and crabs by dragging them off our ocean bottoms. We must preserve our state's bycatch of King Salmon, etc., during escapement runs and returns.
  • Sensible government spending; Public Safety, Education, and sustainable infrastructure-Jobs!
  • Constitutional Spending Limits!
  • No new taxes by the state, for example, state income tax and other miscellaneous taxes, cause a financial burden on Alaska citizens. Enough is enough.
  • I am against increasing growth-killing taxes that impede private investment and limit job creation!
  • Support logging in Southeast Alaska to help pay for our schools and roads using stump-age receipts each year to help facilitate state expenditures.
  • Consider building Juneau access roads into Southeast Alaska to help lower rates on shipping for food, fuel, etc.

My pledge to all Alaskans is to protect your statute PFD for generations to come when I became your Alaska State Senator in 2022.

In conclusion,

Be it resolved that my vote on the Senate floor and in committee meetings will always be for We the People of Alaska. I believe legislators push the green "Ya" button way too much. It's caused this state so much hardship by their swayed decisions by special interest groups.


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This group is designed to bring future constituents to support Michael Sheldon for State Senate, District A of Alaska, in the  2022 Primary Election.


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Friday, February 14, 2020 9:58 AM

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Committee to Elect Mike Sheldon, a political candidate for Alaska State Senate in 2022 election.
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