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2022 Election Year for State of Alaska

As I see it for 2022 and beyond. 

  • If used in 2022, Binding Caucus Rule will have to be changed to represent the citizens of Alaska; it takes away the right for "We the People." Suppose you bind the Senate, for example, to a signed contract to vote with other Senators when it's against the People's wishes; it's like unconstitutional. I will have nothing to do with the binding caucus!
  • Permanent Fund Dividend will always be paid in full to the citizen shareholders of Alaska as directed deposit by the Statue law! I have always believed in the 1982 formula with a five-year average after you inflation-proof the Reserve account and dividends paid in full! 
  • Balance the budget is essential to the State Government, and Governor Dunleavy has proposed a flat budget in years past, and that is what I will support. We need to reimburse the CBR fund by State Law, and with oil at $90 a barrel on Jan. 2022, it's time to restore the funds we as a State drew out.

I will post more as time allows, but we need to take care of pressing issues that concern the well-being of Alaska, the Last Frontier.  

2022 Issues for the State of Alaska

1). Protect the PFD from raiders of the fund. 

2). Build a sustainable budget that will downsize government and put our constituents first and foremost to a transparent Government.  

Committee to Elect Mike Sheldon, a political candidate for Alaska State Senate in 2022 election.
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