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Endorsements for 2022.

In my decades of service for several of our nation's governors and the Florida House of Representatives, I have worked with finance committee members and professional staffs who pride themselves on transparent presentation of state financials, in order to inform citizens of issues and policy options. The Alaska Senate Finance committee, under the continuous leadership of Senator Bert Stedman, has done the opposite, and Alaska's economic and financial future are in jeopardy as a result. Alaskans deserve better. They deserve public servants who respect, rather than disdain, the laws they have written and the consent of their constituents. 

— Donna Arduin

State Senate District A, Southeast Alaska needs a new perspective..... we in all of Alaska need Mike Sheldon. — Taunnie Boothby

Michael Sheldon is the most genuine candidate for office I have ever met. When Michael is elected, he will replace one of the most corrupt politicians in Juneau. Bert Stedman has been a driving force to take your children's seed corn to promote larger government we can no longer afford. Arrogance has no refuge in Juneau. I ask all citizens of this senate district to vote for Michael Sheldon. Let's bring integrity back to our legislature. God bless you Michael in your journey. — Michael Chambers

Mike Sheldon for State Senate! Give Bert the BOOT! — Brent Chandler

I am endorsing Michael Sheldon, For Alaska’s Senator, as He is a Communicator and is not afraid to Communicate the Exact Truth concerning Alaska’s FAILED members of the “Thieving Senator’s Good old Troll’s club”and they have All been mentioned by Name! And I hope Michael is Voted In to REPLACE Stedman. Alaskan’s Deserve a Senator who acknowledges and Respects His States Citizens, and will Stand up for and with us against those involved in Theft and Tyranny. Please, Vote For Our Alaskan! Michael Sheldon! Let’s make Alaska Amazing again. Sincerely, Pamela R. Lee A 59 year Resident of Alaska — Pamela Lee

I endorse Mike Sheldon for Senate.....we MUST remove BERT STEDMAN, who thinks that he doesn't have to follow AK RULE OF LAW!!! He is a big reason that Alaskans are having their PFDs continually stolen. #FIREstedman VOTE MIKE SHELDON — Karen Perry

Michael Sheldon is a conservative, who believes in a smaller, more efficient state government, the full payments of all PFD balances owed to the Alaskan people, and the abolition of the binding caucus. What better three issues setting a firm foundation for the great natural resource development state in the nation. Vote for Michael Sheldon, Republican, Senate District A, as your State Senator in 2022. Remember, this is the most critical Primary election on August 16, 2022, in our state's history. Please join me in supporting Michael Sheldon. — Michael Tavoliero

Save The PFD, the No Compromise PFD ACTIVIST Group ENDORSES Michael Sheldon for AK State Senate ! — Mike Widney
Chairman of Save The PFD

Committee to Elect Mike Sheldon, a political candidate for Alaska State Senate in 2022 election.
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